The Rogue Prince

Sky Full of Stars - Book #1


I thought Buroker had been quiet for a few months, and then I wake up one morning to find that she published not one but TWO new books. The Rogue Prince is the first novel in a sequel series to The Fallen Empire series, and takes place ten years after the events of the first series. Starring Jelena Marchenko and Erick Ostberg, children from the first book who are now full-grown adults (and Starseers!), the story once again displays Buroker's penchant for assembling a compelling and memorable cast.

The story is in the vein of Firefly: an smartass, intrepid crew goes on a benign, boring adventure, but one thing leads to another and, well, let's just say there are monkeys in space.

If you've read any of Buroker's books in the past and enjoyed them, you will most certainly enjoy the latest addition to her already enormous library of novels.