Saint's Blood

The Greatcoats - Book #3


The first book in this series was hyped up as "the Scott Lynchiest book since Scott Lynch," and I have to disagree wholeheartedly. I kinda see where the reviewer was going with it, but this is really just a totally different animal. With that in mind, this series as a whole is pretty great, and Saint's Blood, the third in the series, is the best of the bunch. The story follows Falcio dal Mond, the First Cantor of the Greatcoats, and his pals, Kest and Brasti, as well as a few other people that they picked up over this story. It's a bit emo, but it's funny and witty and there's a ton of action.

I thought the first book was good, but not great... but Saint's Blood is really great. I'm looking forward to the fourth one!