The Hollow Crown

The Kingfountain Series - Book #4


I really loved the first trilogy of The Kingfountain series. It was a super fun take on Arthurian legend but set in a secondary fantasy world. "The Hollow Crown" picks up fifteen or so years after the end of the first trilogy. Owen is now a trusted advisor to the king, and many of his friends are in power in a peaceful land. His daughter and the protagonist of the story, Trynne, lives happily in their town, falling a little in love with her friend Fallon. This does not last.

Very quickly in the story, Trynne is attacked and winds up with what is basically Bell's Palsy. She doesn't let this get her down, though, and takes up arms in secret, training to be an Oath Maiden, an order of ancient women warriors. At the same time, the kingdom faces an assault of the likes they've never seen.

Can Trynne and her friends save Owen from certain death? Can she become an Oath Maiden and fulfill her destiny? Time to find out.

This book is a great set-up to what promises to be another fantastic series by Wheeler. I can't wait to read "Shield Maiden" when it comes out in August.