The Blood Mirror

Lightbringer - Book #4


This is the fourth book in The Lightbringer series, and I've enjoyed each one. The basic premise is that magic is created by light, with certain powers relegated to certain colors. For example, if you channel blue magic, you become calm and logical, and if you channel red, you're angry and so on. It's a clever premise, and a lot more complicated than I have time to go into. Another aspect of this magic is that you can only use so much of it before you go insane. The one person who can channel infinitely is the Prism -- in this case, his name is Gavin. There's a whole cast of characters and a huge world to explore. It really is epic

Being the fourth book, I had high expectations. For the most part, it was met, and I highly recommend anyone who enjoyed the first few books to pick up the entire series. That said, there's an entire subplot around a character's inability to physically engage in sex, and while I realize that's a real-world phenomenon, it just kinda distracted from the story and didn't move the plot forward or develop characters any further than they already were. That's probably my one criticism about the book.

That said, there's only one book left, and I can't wait to read it. Two thumbs up.