Gemini Cell

Shadow Ops Series - Book #1


I hadn't heard of Myke Cole until I started following Brian McClellan, Sam Sykes, and Robert Jackson Bennett on Twitter. They started interacting with this guy Myke regularly, so I started following him. Turns out he's really cool!

He also went to Greece with one of my other favorite authors, Michael Livingston, and that sealed the deal. I had to give Myke a chance.

Boy, am I glad I did.

Gemini Cell takes a simple premise: the government creates zombies. Their goal is to create sentient zombies, an undead soldier that can think and follow orders, yet has no need for food, water, and sleep, and whose body is inanimate and therefore virtually indestructible by normal means. (You can burn it to death or shred it to bits, but a bullet through the head does nothing.)

The story follows Jim Schweitzer, a badass Navy SEAL. He dies, and wakes up in his dead body... and he's not alone. There's another... thing... in his head.

If you want to know more, you'll have to read it.

The book reads like an action movie -- strong action sequences, corny romantic dialogue, and heart-wrenching moments that made me gasp and almost throw my Kindle across the room.

Check it out.