The Black Tides of Heaven

The Tensorate Series - Book #1


I picked this up because of a review I read. This is the first of two books by Jy Yang that follow the adventures of two twins, one of whom wasn't supposed to be born and the other of whom has the ability to predict the future. It's not supposed to matter which book you read first, as the two are supposed to complement each other, much like yin and yang -- and the twins themselves.

This is a little different from the Western-style fantasy I normally read. The Black Tides of Heaven takes place in a China or Tibet-inspired place. I'm not really sure where to place it, since I'm not familiar with that part of the world, but it's definitely reminiscent of the Far East.

I don't necessarily know how to describe what I felt reading it. I really, really enjoyed it, but it was also super, super weird in ways I didn't expect. For instance, none of the people in this world have a gender... until they decide which one they are. And then they have surgery to correct for it. On some level, this make sense to me, but then I spent the whole time wondering... what's the non-gender mechanism for urination? If it was just gender identity, that's one thing, but the people have surgery to complete it. So I'm not sure what's going on.

Anyway. Read it. It's interesting.