Siege Line

Shadow Ops Series - Book #3


Myke Cole concludes the stunning trilogy of Jim Schweizter, Navy SEAL turned zombie. The first book was like a great action movie, full of exciting action and cheesy romance dialogue. The second book was heavy on action, even heavier on cheese, but didn't really feel like a solid book of its own. That's because it led up to the thrilling conclusion to the series, Siege Line.

Jim has determined that the only way to survive and ensure the survival of his son is to take down the Cell once and for all. He chases The Director to the far reaches of the north, deep into Canada, where lives the only other known living Sorcerer. It's a race against time, as The Director invades a small town to seek the Sorcerer, while Jim rushes to find the target first.

The only complaint I had is that the twist... I saw it a mile away. But it was oddly reassuring to discover I was right, and you know what? The introduction of the most badass sheriff ever made it worth it.

I've never been a fan of military sci-fi, but Myke is doing a great job of convincing me to give it a shot. I'll definitely pick up his next series!