Dragon Storm

The Heritage of Power - Book #1


Oh, how I've missed Lindsay. She went dark in the summer of last year, and I've been craving another adventure from her. Fortunately, she went back to my favorite world of hers, the one with Ridge and Sardelle.

Except this time, there are new heroes: Trip, a fearless pilot with a heck of an instinct, discovers he's actually a sorcerer. And Ridge has an adventure for him: destroy the portal that has brought dragons back into the world.

Along with horny Kaika, socially awkward pilot Duck, female Captain Blazer, and rookie elite soldier Rysha Ravenswood, Trip sets off on his adventure... and finds out some horrible-slash-amazing news.

True to form, Buroker's Dragon Storm is full of witty banter, sarcastic swords (two of them!), and silly dragons. It's a light-hearted, quick-and-dirty adventure. Nothing too deep, nothing too crazy, just buckets of fun.