Kings of the Wyld

The Band - Book #1


Imagine if mercenary bands were treated like rock stars: groupies, merch, free drinks, orgies, the whole works. Now imagine that instead of the latest, greatest rock band, we're talking about an old school, washed-up band.

That's the Kings of the Wyld. The story follows Clay Cooper, a retired mercenary, and his former bandmate Gabriel. Gabe's daughter is in trouble, so he... well... he gets the band back together. And once the band of old fogeys are back together, that's when the real adventure begins!

This book felt to me like someone's D&D campaign. That's not a bad thing, but it felt a little formulaic. I also totally get the whole mercenary-as-rock-band analogy, but the author went a little heavy on it and it turned out to be more distracting than I thought. Not to mention some of the Easter eggs were enough to knock me out of the story. A warrior named Neil the Younger? Really?

If you're a fantasy fan, the author throws in tons of easter eggs. Keep an eye out for Guenhwyvar, if you catch my drift.

I grabbed this book because a coworker who has similar taste in books said that he'd heard good things about it, but we both chatted about this book afterward and agreed that while it was a fun romp through the Wyld, it wasn't really our cup of tea.