Gunslinger Girl


OK, I'll be honest: I picked this up because the cover looked badass. I'm also super into steampunk right now, and I've been dying to read a story about a steampunky wild west adventure, especially with a female lead. This cover grabbed my attention, and I had to get it.

This book follows Serendipity "Pity" Jones (WHAT AN AWESOME NAME!) on her adventure through what appears to be a post-Apocalyptic United States. The Second Civil War has broken the country in twain, and several factions have risen to take the place of the former federal government, including the religious combine from which Pity escapes early on in the book. She arrives in the bustling frontier city of Cessation, run by a mob boss named Miss Selene. Imagine a wild west verison of Las Vegas!

Lindsay Ely did a fantastic job of creating a believable world and a sympathetic protagonist. Pity's adventure is YOUR adventure. I would watch a movie of this in a heartbeat.

I loved it. I'll reread it again. And you should read it NOW.