Gold Dragon

Heritage of Power - Book #5


I accidentally read this one before OATHS, so I got some accidental spoilers. This is probably an easy mistake to make, since OATHS is in the Dragon Blood series and GOLD DRAGON is in the Heritage of Power series, and while they focus on different characters, they overlap quite a bit. So with that in mind, GO READ "OATHS" FIRST!!!

OK, back?

So, now that Ridge and Sardelle are married, it's time for Trip and Rysha to get some loving on! They're back in the capital, but their troubles are far from over. Dragons (not the friendly ones!) keep attacking Iskandia, and even worse, someone is trying to rip off Rysha's family! This is a rip-roaring fun adventure with Buroker's standard wittiness and snarky, horny characters romping around the countryside in search of adventure (and cuddling). Will Rysha's parents ever accept Trip as an acceptable partner for her? Will the Dragons ever leave Iskandia alone? Will Ridge ever get to eat another pastry again??

Find out this time on GOLD DRAGON!