Defy the Worlds

Defy the Stars - Book #2


When I finished DEFY THE STARS, I thought of it as an excellent standalone book. Imagine my surprise when I found out there was a sequel!

At the end of the first book (SPOILER ALERT) Abel realizes that he -- a robot -- has developed the capacity to love... and he loves Noemi. Unfortunately, circumstances at the end of DEFY THE STARS dictated that the two be separated forever. Abel goes off on his own to captain a starship as a contractor, and Noemi rejoins the Genesis military. And they never see each other again.

Great story, right? HA! Got ya! OF COURSE they're going to meet again!

Mansfield, Abel's creator, threatens Noemi's world, leading her people to send her back to Earth to negotiate and surrender Genesis. Instead of negotiations, Mansfield kidnaps Noemi and whisks her away as a hostage -- to get Abel to come home! AH HA! That's how it's going to work!

But, naturally, something goes horribly, horribly wrong and some very, very dark secrets get revealed.

I loved this book as much as the first one, and I think you should read them. If there's a third book, YOU BET YOUR ASS I'm going to get it!