The Shadow Throne

The Shadow Campaigns - Book #2


This is the second book in The Shadow Campaigns series by Django Wexler, and boy is it a doozy. It introduces a new character by the name of Raesinia, a woman possessed by a demon that refuses to allow her to die. Her invincibility, it turns out, can cause problems. But she's still a young woman with lofty ideals and all the naivete that comes along with those dreams. She starts a revolution, much like the French Revolution, and helps overthrow Duke Orlanko, one of the villains from Book 1.

Janus, Winter, and Marcus have returned to Vordan, as well, and their return brings additional complications. Janus continues to pursue his mysterious mission, but with the help of Marcus and Winter, he, too, helps orchestrate the fall of Duke Orlanko.

If the first book was a lesson on desert warfare against external enemies, this book perfectly resembles an internal revolution, a vicious bloodbath of friends and foes who live in the same capital city. I really, really enjoyed it so much that as soon as I finished it, I picked up book 3. Two thumbs up.