Diplomats and Fugitives

Emperor's Edge - Book #9


Lindsay Buroker cranks out one good read after another, and this time, the rapid-fire pace is showing. This isn't the best of her books -- I'd reserve that for her recent Dragon's Blood series -- but it's a moderately good addition to my Buroker bookshelf. This story starts off slow with a character in a university -- a somewhat contrived plot device that Lindsay leans on quite a bit -- but by the halfway mark, Basilard and Ashara's adventures with the rest of the gang (Mahliki, Maldynado, Amaranthe, and yes, Sicarius) are in full swing. Lindsay really hits her stride in action sequence storytelling by the end.

All-in-all, it's a good read. If you're a fan of the Emperor's Edge novels and you think Basilard is underrated, this is your book.

Hopefully, Lindsay spends a little more time plotting her next one... but no matter what, I'll buy it. She's earned my loyalty, and this book keeps the streak alive.