The Mystic Trilogy - Book #1


Mystic is the debut novel by Jason Denzel. It straddles the line between young adult and adult fantasy, tackling the familiar story of a teenager who discovers they have magical powers and sets off on an adventure to master them. The two main characters, Pomella and Sim, are endearing and lovable, and Denzel masterfully takes them on a journey across the (admittedly small) island of Moth, where they meet wonderful magical creatures and fantastically memorable characters.

It encapsulates the kinds of books I read back when I first stepped out of the young adult genre into the wider world of fantasy. While not epic on the scale of Game of Thrones or the Wheel of Time or even Harry Potter, "Mystic" touches on the closer-to-home morals and lessons we look for in the best of humanity: compassion, love, and maybe a little rebelliousness. This novel is nostalgic and sweet, exciting and fun, and I'd recommend it to any teenager looking for a first look into fantasy adventure.