Dragon Blood - Book #6


Do you like dragons? How about poison? Assassins? Snarky swords? Sex-starved demolitions experts? If you're still reading, you should just go ahead and pick up this book. It's the second-to-last installment in the main Dragon's Blood series, following the adventures of Sardelle, Ridge, Jaxi, Cas, Tolemek, Angulus, and the aforementioned sex-starved Captain Kaika.

When dragons threaten the kingdom, the team comes to the rescue, calling upon their own dragon friends, their magic, and their friendship to save the lives of everyone who depends on them. But at what cost?

If you're a fan of sword & sorcery (heavy on the snarky swords), this series is absolutely for you. It's earned its place as one of my favorite series, and Buroker has landed another fan!