Shattered Past

Dragon Blood - Book #7


If you're a fan of the Dragon's Blood series by Lindsay Buroker, you'll also enjoy this side story starring Colonel Therrik. Our angry, pent-up colonel is still stuck in the Ice Blades, commanding the Magroth Mines, when a set of cursed dragon bones leads a young paleontologist named Lilah Zirkander (yes, THAT Zirkander!). A sexy and scary adventure ensues as they investigate the curse.

Out of all the Dragon's Blood books, this one is probably the most overtly a romance novel, only barely staying out of the category completely. But it works. If you wish the romances in the rest of the series were a bit more explicit, this book will hit all of those buttons for you. Not really my thing, but it worked.

That said, Buroker is leveling up in Writing Fight Scenes. Every scene kept me turning the pages, until I found that I'd finished the entire book in mere hours. That's a good sign, for me!