Star Nomad

Fallen Empire - Book #1


There is a huge gap in the sci-fi world with the end of Firefly, and Star Nomad picks up the reins fairly well.

Imagine taking Buroker's "Emperor's Edge" cast and thrusting them in space. A daring captain and her trusty engineer sidekick set off on what they plan to be a simple ride home, only to find more trouble than they expected. A lively cast that includes a cyborg, a doctor, a high-as-a-kite hippie, a bodyguard, and a gaggle of chickens (I'm not even kidding) tag along on adventure full of space pirates, space bears, and space booty.

This is Buroker's first foray into the sci-fi world, complete with her typical snarky banter and borderline risque commentary by at least one character, and it's a great start on a brand new series. I'm giving this a rating of 4 stars out of 5 (I really enjoyed it), and I fully expect the next two sequels to achieve equal or greater ratings.