Relic of Sorrows

Fallen Empire - Book #4


Buroker's sci-fi world just gets better after the initial trilogy. Captain Alisa Marchenko takes yet another detour on her quest to find her daughter, this time to the depths of space -- literally the middle of nowhere. But somehow, that space is occupied, and not by friendly units.

The addition of Abelardus the Starseer to the cast adds another interesting dynamic. Unlike the Emperor's Edge series, where the protagonist pursues and is pursued by only one particular assassin, Captain Marchenko is now pursued by two men, one she's crazy about, and the other, she hates. Or does she?

I found myself laughing aloud at Yumi's chickens and Beck's blue sauce (don't ask), and for some reason, someone started cutting onions several times throughout the reading of Relic of Sorrows. If you enjoyed the original trilogy, pick this one up. It's worth it -- and the adventure is only going to get better. Trust me.