The Guns of Empire

The Shadow Campaigns - Book #4


And the epic warfare keeps on coming! This book is almost 100% on the road with the Vordan Grand Army, led by Vhalnich himself. We see hundreds of soldiers get mutilated in various ways, and Wexler seems to have a fascination with sharp objects going through soldiers' throats. The Girls' Own army is much less prominent in this book. In fact, most of the story focuses at the top of the command chain: Janus, Marcus, Raesinia, and Winter. As it should, obviously.

After successfully stabilizing Vordan, Janus turns his eyes north toward Elysium, with the publicly declared mission of destroying the Priests of the Black. The Pontifex of the Black will have none of this, of course, and he sends many of the Penitent Damned after Janus. We see more of the Penitent Damned in this book than we have in any other, and their powers are varied and mighty. There are plenty of epic battles, and it's hard to pick my favorite.

I was telling a friend about these books last night, and I said "I really enjoyed the first book, but each book after that keeps getting better and better," and this one is no exception. The Guns of Empire is my favorite of The Shadow Campaigns series, so far. Major two thumbs up!