Ghost Talkers


It's not often that you see a truly unique novel. In Kowal's alternative World War II, we find that Alan Turing's machine was merely a cover for the real secret sauce: psychics. That's right. The Allies are successful because of psychics communicating with the dead. The mechanism is simple: soldiers are conditioned to remember as much as possible about the moments just before death, then report into the psychic headquarters to tell them the last things they saw. This gives the Allies up-to-the-minute knowledge about the German movements.

This all works great, until the Germans figure it out and someone close to the head psychic (Ginger) dies.

Don't be fooled by the psychic stuff: this is a straight up murder mystery. As such, I don't want to give away too much more, so I highly encourage you to read this creative story and stay on the edge of your seat as Ginger investigates the murder -- and the others that follow. Can she find the traitor and foil the Germans at the same time?

I don't need your horoscope to know that you'll love this book.