Arkadian Skies

Fallen Empire - Book #6


Buroker continues her streak of writing fantastic sci-fi. Captain Alisa Marchenko and pals are still on the hunt for Alisa's daughter, seeking medical treatment for Leonidas' *ahem* medical issues, chasing Beck's dream of building a sauce empire, and somehow saving the galaxy from the bad guys.

In this book, we get to know Stanislav and Durant, and just like that, this ever-expanding cast grows larger.

While I think this is one of the best in the series so far, I do have a couple of extremely minor complaints about the series as a whole that I'd like to mention, in case Lindsay happens to read this:

  • Micah keeps jabbering about her resume and finding a new job, but she never leaves. The joke is kind of old at this point. It would add some great dramatic tension if she actually left, perhaps re-joined the Alliance. I can see a hundred different story arcs that can come out of this, while still moving the series forward.

  • So far in the series, Beck hasn't done much. He's had a lot happen to him, but he hasn't had a central story arc yet. In fact, most of the time, he's just off-screen, running errands for Alisa and cooking. I'd like to see a story arc where he's actually one of the heroes, instead of the comic relief. Let's make this happen.

  • The cast is getting larger and larger. Kill some off, or send them on a long-running mission somewhere else. Basically, skip half the cast for one book, then revisit them in the next.

These are very minor quibbles. The book is fantastic. If you enjoy any of Lindsay Buroker's novels, you'll love this series.