The Queen's Poisoner

The Kingfountain Series - Book #1


Jeff Wheeler's first book in the Kingfountain series takes place in a fantasy world reminiscent of Camelot. Castles, kings, and a little bit of magic. Okay, sure, most fantasy books do, but this one really feels like a Merlin fan-fic.

And that's a good thing.

The story starts off with a young boy named Owen who is taken as a ward of the evil king Severn, because his parents are traitors. But the longer he stays in the castle, the more he learns that things aren't always as they seem. Is Owen Fountain-blessed or is it all a game? What's the King's plan? Exactly how many secrets are there in this castle?

I really enjoyed the characters of Evie and Mancini, and I was ecstatic to learn in the author's notes of the real-world historical origin of one of the characters.

I'm gonna pick up the second book, and I hope you do too. Two thumbs up.