The Thief's Daughter

The Kingfountain Series - Book #2


The second book in Jeff Wheeler's Kingfountain trilogy takes place seven years after the first. Owen is now the Duke of Westmarch, one of King Severn's closest advisors. He spends the book running errands for the king, while simultaneously pining for Evie's hand in marriage. But the King has other plans. An excursion to Atabyrion, one of the neighboring kingdoms, introduces Owen to King Iago -- and Iago to Evie. Further intrigue with Severn and his cronies, as well as international relations, keep Owen on his toes.

And most of all, we get to meet the Thief's Daughter, a character of whom I'm still not sure what to think. She's enigmatic, for one, and I can't help but think there's an ulterior motive. But is there? We'll see.

As much as I enjoyed The Queen's Poisoner, I enjoyed this one much more. Lord Marshall Roux was particularly fascinating, and it's refreshing to see more complex adult relationships between Owen, Iago, Evie, and Severn. The ultimate question of loyalty is put to the test, and I think Wheeler does a fantastic job of addressing those complexities.

It's not a particularly happy book, but it is suspenseful and entertaining. The Arthurian legends and actual historical basis come through much more in this book than in the first, to great effect.

I enjoyed it enough that as soon as I finished, I hopped on Amazon and bought the third book, The King's Traitor.