The King's Traitor

The Kingfountain Series - Book #3


I gotta be honest with you. Wheeler is fast becoming a favorite of mine. The Kingfountain series just gets better and better with each book.

In The King's Traitor, we once again skip forward seven years. Owen is in his mid-twenties, a grizzled veteran of King Severn's army and a Duke in his own right. I won't spoil too much of the plot, but as the title of the book implies, Owen's adventures lead him to a path that pits him against the man who gave him everything.

Oh, and there's a love story mixed in here, too.

The first two books did much to tug at my bitter old heartstrings, but that's nothing compared to the final book of the trilogy. Truthfully, I found myself deeply moved by the ending of Wheeler's masterful storytelling. I experienced highs and lows, sudden drops and steep hills. My head was spinning and my heart wasn't doing much better.

If Mr. Wheeler reads this, kudos to you, sir. And your daughter was absolutely spot on with her advice. Good job.

If there's one complaint, it's that the references to Arthurian legends are a bit heavy-handed. But strangely, it still seems fresh and new, as if this were a brand new story -- or perhaps the origin of the Arthurian legends to begin with.

Two thumbs up for this entire series from me. Read it.