The Emperor's Edge

The Emperor's Edge - Book #1


I first picked up this book because it was free, and why not? It turned out to be a quick, fun-filled adventure with a witty protagonist named Amaranthe, who meets a whole cast of characters and goes on a fun adventure. It's not thought-provoking, by any means, and it's not epic fantasy, like I normally read. But in this case, it was exactly what I wanted: short, sweet, and entertaining.

The Emperor's Edge is set in a steampunk-ish world but that's just the backdrop. Amaranthe, a constable, uncovers a plot against the Emperor, and in the process of investigating it, meets an assassin named Sicarius (yes, that's actually Latin for "assassin", how original). Shortly after her encounter, she becomes an outlaw herself -- unfairly, of course -- and assembles a team to help save the Emperor.

Like I said, it's not epic or deep, but it's highly entertaining. Buroker has a talent for creating memorable characters, and this certainly shows through here.

The first book is free, so if this sounds interesting to you, pick it up!