Dark Currents

The Emperor's Edge - Book #2


Immediately after finishing The Emperor's Edge, I knew I had to pick up Dark Currents, the sequel. It takes place 3 months after the first story. Amaranthe and her crew have thwarted the kidnappers and rescued the Emperor. Unfortunately, nobody knows that, and they're still wanted criminals.

Amaranthe and crew decide to do whatever they can to earn their exoneration. It doesn't take long before they find a series of mutilated bodies, and turn out to investigate. Violence, witty retorts, and crazy hats ensue and take you on a thrilling ride through the Empire.

Like The Emperor's Edge, I really enjoyed this book. I've grown to like stories that don't make you think too hard, that you can just read through in an afternoon or two, and immerse yourself in the world. The Emperor's Edge series does this very well for me. Plus, it's just gosh darn fun to read.

Do yourself a favor and pick it up.