Blood and Betrayal

The Emperor's Edge - Book #5


In the previous books, Buroker has turned this fun series of standalone adventures into a more epic format by introducing the evil cabal known as the Forge. Now that Amaranthe is missing and kidnapped by the Forge and Sicarius is off to find her, that leaves Maldynado, the hat-loving rogue, in charge of the group. Meanwhile, the Forge is still attempting to kill the emperor, Sespian, and it's up to Maldynado to protect him. Meanwhile, Amaranthe must escape her captors.

Also, aliens?

It's another exciting adventure from Buroker, and the twists and turns of the Emperor's Edge series continues to amuse me and keep me entertained on my commutes. Buroker is fast becoming one of my favorite authors, and I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

Grab a copy of this, and the whole series, if you can.