Forged in Blood: Part II

The Emperor's Edge - Book #7


OK, so let's sum up: Amaranthe, a former law enforcement officer, and her pals, Sicarius the Assassin, Maldynado the Hat Wearer, Books the Nerd, and so on and so forth, are wanted for crimes against the Empire -- except they didn't do it. They rescue the Emperor, encounter an evil organization known as the Forge, run into the former Admiral Starcrest, fight shamans and monsters and alien robots, and now Amaranthe is dealing with the aftermath of her escape from the alien spacecraft.

Out of all the books so far, this is the most unlike the rest. It's almost non-stop action, from the time Amaranthe wakes up in the spaceship until the very end, there's something happening. Fighting, running, escaping, hat-switching, smooching, and death. Lots and lots of death.

For long-time fans, this is the culmination of the plot, the final chapter of the Emperor's Edge in their quest to exonerate themselves and save the Empire in the process. Will they be successful? Will the Empire survive? Will they survive?

Only one way to find out! Pick up this right now! (P.S.: I loved it and cried at the end. Yeah. Not joking.)