The Crimson Campaign

The Powder Mage Series - Book #2


So in the last book, Promise of Blood Tamas basically pulled off a military coup and took over Adro, but now the Kez, their mortal enemies that I like to think of as Russia, see an opening to attack. Where the first book was primarily small scale battle and politics and intrigue, The Crimson Campaign throws full-scale war into the mix. Not only does Tamas have to deal with infighting amongst the elites in his new government, but he's got to manage a military campaign as well, with the help of an enigmatic chef that claims to be a god.

Oh, and you remember that mysterious warning from the first book? Turns out the Kez raise the god Kresimir to life, and it's up to Taniel to stop him, with the help of his sidekicks, Ka-Poel and Borbador.

I didn't find this book to be quite as compelling as the first, but the stakes definitely grew higher, and I thoroughly enjoyed the climax toward the end of the book. I devoured The Crimson Campaign in a day and a half, and I cannot wait for The Autumn Republic to be released!

(Edit: added link to The Autumn Republic review)