The Autumn Republic

The Powder Mage Series - Book #3


OK, gunpowder-sniffing mages, political intrigue, snooping private investigators, suspiciously badass sidekicks, this book has it all. The battle against Kez has not gone well, and Tamas returns to the capital after battle to find that his city is in the hands of more Bad Guys. His son, Taniel Two-Shot, is missing and presumed dead, and Tamas' is furious. Remember how in a previous review I said he wasn't a good guy? Trust me. He really, really is not a good guy.

But McClellan makes us root for him anyway, and it works out.

Turns out, Taniel isn't really dead, but instead trapped behind enemy lines. The people he thought were his friends turn out to be, well, not friends, and once again, it turns out he's the only hope for Adro to succeed.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this book was levels of betrayal performed by various characters throughout Adro. McClellan kept me on my toes guessing which of the characters were the true traitors, and which were just out for themselves and happened to get in the crossfire.

There is a LOT of blood and death in this book, and in the series as a whole. Normally I don't tend to like books that contain a lot of violence, but honestly, this trilogy is one that has gripped me from start to finish. I'm sad the saga is over, but I'm not too concerned that the world is gone forever -- McClellan has written several novellas, and I assume there will be more!