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The Expanse - Book #4


As much as I enjoyed the first three books of The Expanse series, this one was a bit less intense. The plot has the crew of the Rocinante split up, with three of the four crew members going to their respective homes: Alex to Mars, Amos to Earth, and Naomi to Ceres Station. Jim Holden stayed behind in Tycho Station with the ship.

Long story short, the system-wide shit hits the fan, and it turns out Noami's ex is behind it all. The mystery isn't really as deep as the first three books, and the sense of tension and "holy shit are they going to make it" wasn't nearly as strong in this book

That said, I really enjoyed learning a lot more about Naomi's backstory. (They touch a bit on Alex's and Amos' backstories, but not nearly the depth that we see in Noami's plotline.)

Overall, this is a solid addition to The Expanse series. Now, onto Babylon's Ashes!