Cyborg Legacy: A Fallen Empire novel

Fallen Empire - Book #9


I really enjoyed the Fallen Empire series, and especially the fact that all 8 books (!!) were released in 2016. I wasn't really expecting a new Fallen Empire book, but when this one came out, I immediately snatched it up.

The original series is told 100% from the perspective of Captain Alisa Marchenko, but this book is told from two perspectives: Leonidas Adler and a new cyborg character named Jasim Antar. The plot revolves around a series of mysterious killings of members of the Cyborg Corps, and Jasim recruits Leonidas' assistance to track down the killer.

It was refreshing to see a story from Leonidas' perspective, and I personally enjoyed that it was a quick, riveting adventure with little external baggage to drag it down. I read it in about 6 hours, only putting it down to sleep last night. Highly enjoyable.

While I think the Fallen Empire series starring Leonidas and Marchenko is effectively wrapped up in my head, I wouldn't mind seeing more adventures from other characters like Jasim and Maddy.

If you like any of Buroker's previous books, you'll enjoy this one.