I'm a big fan of Brandon's earlier works, and I think he did justice to the Wheel of Time franchise, but in my opinion, his works have gone downhill since then, especially his longer works.

Sanderson seems to excel more when he has restrictions and much less when he has free reign. Thus, his shorter works tend to be better than his longer works, and his standalone books tend to be better than his series, in my opinion. Not so with this one. Snapshot is a quick, short read, and it's entertaining enough. It's a gumshoe mystery type thing: two men hunting down criminals. But it's just... okay.

There are two major plot twists. After my hard-core Wheel of Time fan period, I kinda gave up on trying to guess what the plot twist would be. Nowadays I tend to read mindlessly, just enjoying the story. I like to let plot twists catch me by surprise. But in this case, I saw them coming at roughly 25% and 50%, respectively. He was a bit too heavy-handed in the foreshadowing, I guess. It was a fun read, but the suspense element didn't work for me.

If you're a big fan of Brandon Sanderson, you should pick it up and read it. It's only 3 bucks. If not,... I'd pass.